2 days / 1 night

Price: 59 EUR / Person

⇒ You can easily extend this tour: each extra night in guest house in Theth costs 30 EUR / Person incl. lunch, dinner and breakfast. Just inform us about it in your message when booking the tour. ⇐

About Theth:

Without a doubt, this unique mountain village offers the most breathtaking setting of all Albania. Even getting there is sure to provide unforgettable memories, no matter if you approach over the mountains on foot from Valbona or by vehicle from Shkodra. Being not only a village covering the valley floor within an amphitheater of distant mountains, but also a national park with incredible landscapes and great hiking routes, Theth is the next candidate to the title of Albania’s next big thing. A very much improved (and soon to be finished) road from Shkodra has recently made access to this once almost absolutely unknown village a lot easier, at the same time introducing the quite common issue of overdevelopment. Book your stay now, before Theth loses its unique and incomparable character!

Tour’s itinerary:


The tour to Theth starts daily at 7:30 AM departing from the center of Shkodra. You will go to Theth by a minibus or a 4WD car. It will take around 2,5 hours to get there, with a stop in Boga for coffee and to take pictures. After arriving to Theth, you will have a short break to drink something at the guesthouse, where you will be staying for the night.

We recommend visiting:    

– the church (located in the village)         

– the lock-in tower (“Kulla e Ngujimit”, located in the village)

– the Grunas waterfall, which is around 45 minutes walking from the        village (one-way)

– the Blue Eye, which is around 2,5 hours walking from the  village (one-way)
– It is possible to go there by car (paid extra)

– the cave, 2 hours walking from the village (one-way)

– the canyon, around 20 minutes walking from the waterfall    (one-way)

In the evening, traditional dinner will be served at the guesthouse, where you will be staying for the night as well.


The second day begins with breakfast at the guesthouse. After breakfast, you will have free time to be able to visit the places you did not manage to see on the first day. You will leave Theth 12:30PM and arrive in Shkodra around 3:00PM

What’s included:

 – Transport in both directions

– accommodation in guest house in Theth

– meals: traditional lunch and dinner (with 1 drink / meal; 1st day), breakfast (2nd day in the morning).

What’s not included:

– Guide ( paid extra 50 EUR / day / group )

– Drinks and snacks on the way

– pick-up from the airport in Podgorica and transport to Shkoder ( 45 EUR / journey; 1-5 persons )

– pick-up from the airport in Tirana and transport to Shkoder ( 55 EUR / journey; 1-5 persons )



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