Round trip to Theth, Valbone and Lake Koman

Round trip to Theth, Valbone and lake Komani

Round trip to Theth, Valbone and Lake Koman

3 days / 2 nights

Price: 119 EUR / Person

⇒ You can easily extend this tour: each extra night in guest house in Theth or Valbone costs 30 EUR / Person incl. lunch, dinner and breakfast. Just inform us about it in your message when booking the tour. ⇐

On this tour you will see all the places mentioned in the tours to Theth and Valbone and have a ferry tour on the Lake Koman.

On this tour it is for you to choose where you want to go first: to Theth or to Lake Komani – the price does not change.

Tour’s itinerary:


You will leave Shkodra at 6:30 AM and arrive in Komani at 8:30 AM. The ferry will leave at 9:00 AM towards Fierza where lake Komani ends. You will be there around 11:45AM. A minibus will be waiting to take you to Valbone, where the guesthouse welcomes you with a traditional Albanian drink and snacks. After you relax for a while, lunch will be served. After lunch, there will be free time to hike, see the village or do whatever you wish. In the evening, traditional dinner will be served.


The next morning, you will have breakfast and start hiking towards Theth, which will take around 6,5 hours. The guesthouse can provide you with a packed lunch for the hike (not included in the price). After you reach Theth, a welcome drink will be waiting for you at the guesthouse. After that, you will have free time.

We recommend visiting:

  • the church (located in the village)
  • the lock-in tower (Kulla e Ngujimit, located in the village)
  • the Grunas waterfall, which is around 45 minutes walking from the village (one-way)
  • the Blue Eye, which is around 2,5 hours walking from the village (one-way)
    It is possible to go there by car (paid extra)
  • the cave, 2 hours walking from the village (one-way)
  • the canyon, around 20 minutes walking from the waterfall (one-way)

In the evening, traditional dinner will be served at the guesthouse, where you will be staying for the night as well.


The next day starts with breakfast. After breakfast, you will have free time to see the places you did not manage to visit on the 1st day. At 1:00 PM, a minibus will take you from the guest house back to Shkodra, where your tour ends around 3:30PM.

What’s included:

 – Transport in both directions

– ferry

– accommodation in guest houses in Theth and Valbone

– meals: traditional lunch and dinner ( incl. 1 drink / meal; 1st day ), breakfast ( 2nd day in the morning ), traditional dinner ( incl. drink; 2nd day ), breakfast (3rd day).

What’s not included:

– Guide ( paid extra 50 EUR / day / group )

– Drinks and snacks on the way

– packed lunch for the hike 

– pick-up from the airport in Podgorica and transport to Shkoder ( 45 EUR / journey; 1-5 persons )

– pick-up from the airport in Tirana and transport to Shkoder ( 55 EUR / journey; 1-5 persons )

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