Lake Koman

Lake Komani

Lake Koman

Day Tour

Price: 45 EUR / Person

about Lake Komani:

The narrow Lake Komani covers a large area across Northern Albania. It covers the area of the steep mountains of the Kukes and Shkodra region. According to Bradt Guides’s Gillian Gloyer the ferry ride “deserves to be on the world’s classic boat trips.” The lake spreads to the most distant parts of Albania, from the village of Komani to the village of Fierza, near Bajram Curri.

The lake formed in 1978 when the Fierza hydroelectric dam bordering all three of the region’s biggest districts was erected. The rivers providing water for the lake are the Drini i Zi, the Drini i Bardhe and the Luma Rivers. The lake itself is home to 13 different species of fish, mollusks, crabs and amphibians. The ferry is locally used as one of the few means of transport to reach the distant settlements. It is also considered to be the quickest way for students of the University of Shkodra to travel from their college to their homes in the Tropoje region. The ferry has recently stopped running in some winter months but is still considered a yearlong service. Taking the ferry is still considered the best way to explore the beauty of this lake and the villages around it, as you can enjoy all of the surrounding virgin nature. Sunbathing, camping and fishing are also options to enjoy the surrounding beauty of the area. It’s best recommended to take the trip during the summer, although it is equally gorgeous almost any time of the year.

Tour’s itinerary:

You will leave Shkodra at 7:30 AM and arrive in Komani at around 9:00 AM. A private boat will be waiting for you there to take you to the best parts of the lake. The journey will last around 3 hours. You will stop in Shala River, which is an amazing place right in the middle of lake Komani. You will spend all day there, have lunch and swim in the blue, crystal-clear water. Around 4:30 PM you will leave Shalla Riva, go to the other side of the lake, where you can see an amazing cave which you will love. You can even swim in it. After that the boat takes you back to Komani, where a bus will be waiting to take you back to Shkodra. Your tour ends here at around 6:30 PM

What’s included:

 – Transport in both directions ( Shkoder – Koman – Shkoder )

– ticket for boat

– meals: traditional lunch in Shala River

What’s not included:

– Drinks and snacks on the way

– pick-up from the airport in Podgorica and transport to Shkoder ( 45 EUR / journey; 1-5 persons )

– pick-up from the airport in Tirana and transport to Shkoder ( 55 EUR / journey; 1-5 persons )


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