Contact & About us


Contact & About us

We are a licensed Tour Operator (our license number is L67113002A). The company is owned by Ylli Avdia (but everyone calls him Andi). There are 6 of us, speaking English, German, Polish, French and –you guessed right– Albanian.
Since our official launch in 2010, we have successfully organized tours for thousands of tourists, always paying attention to provide a personalized service to each and every one of them. We care about your safety and
satisfaction. For this reason we cooperate only with verified partners who provide good quality service and high standard.

Because we believe so strongly in quality of our tours, we offer a money back guarantee. Here you can read, how it works: The contract covers each and every service specified in the event’s “what’s included” section. in the unlikely event of a service not being provided or it being charged additionally, a refund will be provided.

We would be really grateful if you could share your recommendation on us with your family and friends. Your feedback is also extremely important to us as it helps us develop and constantly improve our service. So write a review, share the link to our website and let as many people as possible know about North of Albania Travel and Hostel!

 Choose our company and enjoy your stay in northern Albania!

We offer:

  • accommodation ( hotel and hostel in Shkodra )
  • bicycle rental
  • car rental
  • we organize tours to the most beautiful places in northern Albania ( Theth, Valbone and lake Komani
  • transport services in Albania and Montenegro
  • tourist information